The question we’ve been hearing the most this season is, “What should I dress my child up as this year?!” We know a thing or two about lil’ rockers and we’re happy to share our nine favorite rockstar costumes with you below for inspiration.


If your child is sassy and/or a great falsetto singer, Prince is the go-to rockstar to dress them up as. This costume is taken straight from the Purple Rain film and it’s flashy enough to make for a head-turning Halloween costume.

Jerry Garcia and Dancing Bear(s)

This costume idea is perfect for those who want to dress up with the whole family. If you have more than one child you want to include dress each of them up as their favorite colored bear!

Wayne and Garth

This costume idea is perfect for parents looking to dress a pair of children up. Have them go as Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World so that they can do their silliest covers of any rock band while trick or treating.

The Beatles

If you don’t have four people ready to dress up as The Beatles, that isn’t an issue for this costume. This idea guarantees that your child will get to dress up as their favorite band member, and it’ll also get a lot of laughs. Have them bring a paper guitar with them so they can pretend to play songs like “Love Me Do” for candy-givers that open the door.

Michael Jackson

Dress your kid up as the King of Pop this Halloween so they can moonwalk from door to door in style. This “Thriller” outfit is a perfect fit for a Halloween costume as the song and music video are sure to be playing all throughout October.

Janis Joplin

Dress up as Janis Joplin with your kid if you want to go groovy. Janis was always dressed to impress in fun outfits when performing her iconic songs, making her an incredible rockstar to pay homage to this Halloween.

David Bowie

Dress your kid up as Ziggy Stardust if you want to add an extraterrestrial twist to a rockstar costume. Many of Bowie’s songs are outer-space themed and you’ll find Bowie dressed as a rockstar alien on album covers and in music videos alike. The lightning bolt makeup is surprisingly easy to execute as long as you have bright red lipstick or eyeliner on hand!

Freddie Mercury

The lead singer of Queen was known for his remarkable vocal range with a larger-than-life stage presence to match. This costume idea is a must for any kid with a bold, theatrical personality. Your little rockstar will be the champion of this Halloween.

Stevie Nicks

The front woman of Fleetwood Mac makes for an amazing Halloween costume if you are looking to mix rock n’ roll with something spooky. Stevie is known for dressing up for performances in witchy outfits, some of Fleetwood Mac’s songs like “Rhiannon” were written about witches, and there have even been rumors that she practices witchcraft.

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