Did you tune into today’s out-of-this-world Live from the Playroom? Why not continue the fun and bring a bit of the great beyond into your home with these adorable alien spaceships? 

What You’ll Need

  • Plastic cup
  • Paper Plate
  • Paper 
  • Sticky Tape
  • Paint or colored markers
  • Optional: string/fishing line 

How To Play

  1. Trace a circle in the center of the paper plate, using the plastic cup. Cut out the circle. 
  2. Get creative! Use paint, markers or any other craft supplies you have to transform the paper plate into an alien spaceship. 
  3. Draw a wacky alien on the piece of paper. There’s no rules here – just make sure it fits in the plastic cup. 
  4. Use the tape to fasten the alien inside the cup, then the cup to the top of the paper plate. 
  5. For some extra fun, attach some string or fishing line to the top of the cup. This will allow the little ones to fly their saucers around the room. Just make sure the cup is well fastened to the plate. 


We’d love to see your spacecraft creations! Tag @therockandrollplayhouse + use the hashtag #therockandrollplayhouse so we can share with our families across the country! 

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